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Women Breast Cancer Treatment Guide 2018

We all know, that breast cancer is one of dangerous problem that all women can have. It’s not only simple health problem. Death is also the last thing that breast cancer can cause. Therefore, it’s important for you to know and detect breast cancer. Do check up regularly and stay healthy with healthier lifestyle. If you can detect the breast cancer faster, you will be able to cure the cancer with higher chance of success. That means you will be healed and free from this problem. Of course, if you find the sign of breast cancer symptomps, you need to get right breast cancer treatment that you need.
Women Breast Cancer Treatment Guide 2018

There’re lots of breast cancer treatments that you can use. First one is surgery. The surgery for breast cancer is divided into three type of surgery. The Lumpectomy where there’s only small part of breast that removed to lift the cancer cell, Quadrantectomy where one quarter of breast that removed and Mastectomy, where your whole breast will be lifted to avoid dangerous problem that can harm your life. Of course, to know which surgery that you need to take to cure your breast cancer, you need to consult with your doctor. Therefore, it’s important to visit your doctor regularly to know your breast cancer condition. Next breast cancer treatment that you can get is therapy. There’re three type of therapy here. There’s hormone blocking therapy. Some of breast cancer cell need estrogen to grow.

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Therefore, this therapy temporarily stops the production of the hormone to limit the cancer cell growth. Next is chemotherapy. There’re lots of kinds of chemotherapy for breast cancer. But, the most common therapy that breast cancer patient had is cyclophosphamide plus doxorubicin (Adriamycin). Like other chemotherapy, this method has same process to cure the breast cancer. This therapy destroy the cancer cell that caused by mutation, DNA or other cause. And the last therapy you can use is radiation therapy. It’s important for you to think and think, before you decide to do chemotherapy. Why? It’s because, this therapy also can affect your fertility. So, if you plan to have baby, you need to avoid this method.

The last breast cancer treatment that you can do is herb treatment. There’re lots of herbs and natural ingredient that can help your body to improve the immune system, so, your body will be able to fight breast cancer. So, those are some of breast cancer treatment that you can use. If you use them on earlier stage of your breast cancer, you will be cured completely from breast cancer.

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