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What is Asbestos: The Mineral with Many Faces

Asbestos products is a common fiber used in many manufacturing products such as automobile parts, textiles and even in building houses. We often hear the word asbestos but what is asbestos really?

What Does Asbestos Look Like?

Asbestos is naturally taking place type of mineral that was once used extensively in many products due to its durability, heat resistance and insulating features. It was used in the creation of many different products such as firemen suits to homes and commercial buildings. Asbestos was woven together with textile to create sturdy cloths and blended with cement to create a sturdy yet lightweight structure. Because of its promising intrinsic properties it was even mandated in the US military to be used in each branch of service to improve quality of clothes, structures and equipment. But nowadays when people question what is asbestos, negative images flash through people’s minds. Asbestos nowadays is known to be highly toxic can cause health risks to people overly exposed to it. In line with that, people are then curious as to what asbestos looks like since they want to recognize a substance that can potentially harm them.
What is Asbestos: The Mineral with Many Faces

Types of Asbestos Mineral

There are different types of asbestos mineral thus there is not one answer if you as what it looks like. It depends on the type of asbestos used on a certain product. Here are the six types of asbestos used in commercial products. They may have different structures and chemical composition but they are all carcinogenic.

   ⚫ Chrysolite – this is the most common form of asbestos as this is widely used in the construction of roofs, walls, ceilings and floors of different structures. It is white in color and is in the form a rock when raw. It can be obtained from serpentine rocks which are very abundant all over the world.

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   ⚫ Amosite – this type has a brownish color is more abundant in the continent of Africa. It was often used as a fire-proofing agent in most thermal insulation merchandises and in cement to create a fire resistant structure.
   ⚫ Crocidolite – this has a bluish color and is also abundant in the South African region as well as in Bolivia and Australia. This is a very soft and friable type of asbestos which makes less heat-resistant. Though not commonly used, it was considered the most dangerous as it is very fibrous and can easily be inhaled.
   ⚫ Tremolite – it has different shades including white, gray and green and can even be transparent sometimes. This has a very powder-y texture as it can be found alongside talc. It is used mostly as sealants and mixed with certain paints.
   ⚫ Anthophyllite – this has a gray-brown color, darker than any other type of asbestos which is which makes it a natural insulator. This is not widely used but if used can be found mostly in cement tiles and in roofing.
   ⚫ Actinolite – has a very rough and harsh texture and not as flexible as the other types. But the fibers can easily be inhaled by people once it is beaten and distributed.

Asbestos may have its advantages in making commercial products. But now that you know what is asbestos you have to take extra precautions when dealing with such substance as it can impose health risks and cause diseases.

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