Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The asbestos industry exploded all around the world

The history of asbestos comes from the year 2000 before thousands of years. However, it may surprise you to know the dangers of asbestos were known as far back as the Roman Empire, when the Lungenkrankheit has been the slaves who were me the mineral for commercial use forced joined.

In recent history, in the year 1918, the US Bureau of labour statistics published a report that the death of asbestos workers to the inhalation of asbestos connected.
The asbestos industry exploded all around the world

Then in 1924, a 33-jährige woman named Nellie Kershaw died of the world’s first diagnosis of asbestosis in the UK. She worked in an asbestos attachment for the world’s largest asbestos conglomerate called Turner & Newall (T & N). T & N denied any responsibility or compensation. Decades later suspended documents to the Manchester Metropolitan University the scandalous fact that T & N had known all asbestos on the that a deadly was carcinogenic.

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Despite the known dangers of asbestos, exploded the asbestos industry around the world, their Höchstständen in the 1970s over 5 million tonnes / year. Today the world has been banned yet produced over 2 million tons / year after its use in over 60 countries around the world.

Why so was asbestos to a to widespread used global basis if known one was toxic. The answer is profit. Asbestos is a deadly, but surprisingly, allow mineral, the incredible physical properties, the material feuerhemmenden for its use as a light.

Since the deadly nature of asbestos was publicly known by 1930 Court has been proven that companies the lethal nature of asbestos and knew even willingly public exposed and its staff. Many victims of asbestos received compensation for their medical Bill Tracker, lost wages and other costs. On 27. February 2008, one of the largest settlements Court in New Jersey was excellent. The height of 30.300.000 $ was awarded the widow and the three daughters of mark Buttitta by General Motors. The interesting fact about this case was Mr Buttitta its exposure was claimed by asbestos, his father and brother home asbestos engine brought contaminated clothing from their jobs in General.

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