Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Mesothelioma Cancer - Things like hope and positive attitude

I am a kidney cancer patient and my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer or seven months before I learned my disease. It does not make me a doctor or an expert, but I think it gives me a certain credibility and will put things in perspective as you read.

New promising treatment protocols have been introduced in recent years, but costs are astronomical, and therefore, these options are out of reach of most of the Mesothelioma victims.
Mesothelioma Cancer - Things like hope and positive attitude

I’ve been actually beaten all the obstacles, because seen my age and overall health, where opportunities of less than 2% as I had met in my urine, blood would a few weeks later lead to a diagnosis of kidney Cancer cells. At this time, I was able to deal with it quite reasonable, because my family and I was the nightmare to deal with any new cancer when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. So I know how it feels to a newly diagnosed patient a mesothelioma and their families. And I also know how it is difficult to absorb all the good intentions advice comes to coming across, with statements such as: “Do not abandon hope.” Looking back, I must admit that all these people were right, because ultimately, he had the hope and belief that living a healthy life help us survive cancer.

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But let’s go back to mesothelioma. Celebrex is a COX-2 inhibitor which has shown remarkable results in a study that has been done recently. I’m deliberately not in numbers here, but they are available on the Internet.

However, it is in general image remains the same. The malignant mesothelioma remains one of the most difficult to deal with forms of cancer, and therefore comes with a rather poor prognosis. This leaves the majority of patients with cancer of the mesothelioma often with a single weapon: their hope.

And Yes, it ya where survivors mesothelioma lived significantly longer than anyone ever could provide examples. Curiously, all these individuals, who were able to do so, have one thing in common: they all kept stressing the importance of living a healthy life, which is not only of blank nutrition, food sent a whole and herbal food, but also mental health. In fact, I prefer the term for mental in hope, because hope is generally little connotée with despair.

I am not Pollyanna and I have good and bad days as everyone. But I know that our physical and emotional health helped my wife through all turbulence with our cancer. And I am convinced that this principle also applies to mesothelioma, patients or any other person who suffers from a health problem is serious and wants to play in actively in is healthy again.

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