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Asbestos Products: Everyday Things that are made from Asbestos

Asbestos products Once an integral part of commercial manufacturing industry is now considered a grave threat to the health of human beings. Asbestos was widely used since the start of the 1800’s in many manufacturing and industrial products. It was highly in-demand as it is durable, flexible, not to mention very inexpensive as well. It also naturally acts to insulating and fire-proofing instruments to create a better outcome. But nowadays, asbestos products have been regulated and banned in many places.
Asbestos Products: Everyday Things that are made from Asbestos

Asbestos was later on found out to be a harmful substance to the health of people. Those who were long exposed to asbestos fiber soon developed mesothelioma and other lung diseases. Ever since it was proven to instigate and aggravate lung diseases the manufacturing industry started to use alternatives to promote a healthier living to people.

Asbestos Products: Commercial Products that use Asbestos

Asbestos fiber was used in many different manufacturing and industrial products such as the train and ships. It was also used in different parts of a home. Here are some of the most popular asbestos products found in most places.

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   ⚫ Insulation – asbestos fiber was found to be a good insulator thus, it is used in insulation materials. Homes, commercial buildings, and many other locations use insulation to keep homes warm during winter and temperate during the summertime. It can be found wrapped around pipes and boilers or laid out under the roof.
   ⚫ Automotive pieces – it is also used in the creation of many automotive parts such brake pads and clutches as it is flexible enough to work with the human power and durable enough as it is subjected to constant use.
   ⚫ Cement – cement was found to contain high amounts of asbestos fiber as it provides strength and adhesion to the mixture without weighing it down. It makes the cement more sturdy and durable but at the same time lightweight as well. And since it has a fire-proofing property, it made using asbestos even more ideal to add to cement.
   ⚫ Textile products – asbestos can also be found in clothes and other textile products. Fireman suit used to contain asbestos due to the fire-proofing ability of the element. It’s high resistance to heat and corrosive elements made it the ideal substance to add in the creation of textile products.

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Regulating and Controlling the use of Asbestos

Because asbestos can be found in the most mundane of things, there have been different asbestos regulations imposed to protect people from developing asbestos-related diseases. And because the benefits of using asbestos are yet to be overcome by another substance, the use is still allowed but is regulated. Only those products that contain less than 1% of asbestos is allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Low doses of exposure to asbestos were found to be insignificant in producing asbestos-related diseases. To this day, there are still many asbestos products you can find everywhere. Most clutches and brake pads still use asbestos fiber in its construction but conforming to the less than 1% regulation.

Asbestos may be a harmful substance used in many products nowadays but one can still appreciate the many things it did in the commercial and industrial industries. Thus, the use of it is being controlled and regulated to ensure a safer place for people to live in.

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