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Asbestos Occupations: Jobs You Might Want to Avoid

Constant exposure to asbestos can lead to fatal health risks. There are many occupations when inhalation and close encounters with Asbestos industry are inevitable. Asbestos is used in many different commercial and industrial products which is why people working there have the highest risk of asbestos-related diseases. But even if you don’t work in places where asbestos is present does not mean you can’t get asbestos-related diseases. Mundane objects such as tiles and cement can contain asbestos which we can be exposed to some time. Generally, we are all at-risk of acquiring asbestos-related diseases but people working with asbestos occupations are the most at-risk.
Asbestos Occupations: Jobs You Might Want to Avoid

Occupations with Constant Exposure to Asbestos

The manufacturing industry has the most asbestos occupations as this is the industry where Asbestos fibres is widely used. The manufacture of ships and trains need asbestos to make each vessel and coach durable and fire-proof. People in the textile sector are also constantly exposed to asbestos. Here are some of the most asbestos exposure occupations there is.

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   ⚫ Textile mill workers – asbestos is used in some textiles especially those used to make ropes and Firemen suits. Asbestos is used in such textiles to improve its fire-proofing capacity to protect firemen during such incidents. Makers of any protective clothing and gloves for that matter are constantly exposed to asbestos.
   ⚫ Automobile manufacturers – asbestos is widely used in the production and manufacture of some automobile parts such as brake pads and clutches. Automobile mechanics assembly workers who make and assemble those parts are constantly exposed to asbestos.
  ⚫  Shipyard workers – most ship parts are also made out of asbestos to make each part more durable and fire-proof. Since asbestos is abundantly used in many ship parts, crew and staff who live there and those who made the ship are the most exposed to asbestos.
   ⚫ Demolition crew – people responsible for demolitions of buildings are exposed to asbestos. Buildings and structures contain asbestos as it is used in cement to make the building harder yet lightweight. Demolishing buildings will come with dust particles floating around which contains asbestos particles too.

If you are working under such conditions, make sure you wear protective gear to prevent inhalation of asbestos particles.
Health-related Risks of Occupation Exposure to Asbestos

As beforementioned, having an occupation that constantly exposes you to asbestos can impose a lot of health risks. Mesothelioma is one that you might develop. It is a rare form of cancer that targets the mesothelium or protective lining of our internal organs. This can cause bulges forming in the mesothelium of your lungs, abdomen or even your heart. Another disease you can acquire is asbestosis. It is a long term and progressive disease in your lungs but this is different from cancer. Asbestos can irritate and inflame the lung tissues which can wound and scar the lungs. You will then find it hard to breath as oxygen and carbon dioxide can hardly pass through your lungs. Lung cancer is also a threat to your health.

Asbestos may be an integral part of many of the things we use every day. So, if you belong to one of the asbestos occupations never forget to use protective gear when dealing with asbestos-containing products to avoid acquiring such diseases.

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