Friday, 8 September 2017

Running the Mesothelioma Course with Larry Davis

Faced with a devastating mesothelioma diagnosis in 2006, Larry Davis rededicated himself to exercise and continues to survive mesothelioma cancer today.

Larry Davis was born in 1955 and spent his childhood living in Connecticut as the youngest of three children. Days of keeping up with his big brother and sister molded him to run track for his high school. While on the team, Larry set numerous school records. In 1978, he even participated in his first marathon. However, in 2006 he was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma. Due to his life-long commitment to running and exercise, this came as quite a shock to Larry and his entire family.
Running the Mesothelioma Course with Larry Davis

Initially, Larry was told by his internal medicine doctor he had a hernia. However, peritoneal mesothelioma was found in the lining of his abdominal organ. After being told he had only six months to live, Larry was given a choice of having surgery to remove the tumor, chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Larry felt that any one of these treatments would have a devastating effect on his body.

After deciding to forego traditional methods of mesothelioma treatment, he turned to taking vitamins and minerals to help fight the disease. In addition, he also ingested wheat germ and mushrooms to help build up his immune system. Eventually, he would include running as a way to strengthen his body and fight back.

Today, Larry is not only living, but living well. He owns a business producing specialty glasses for athletes and pilots and runs close to 25 miles a week. Larry has been credited for organizing Meso Run/Walk, an annual event held in February, to help raise money for mesothelioma research. Earlier this year, Larry even began biking and swimming to help him prepare for a triathlon over Father’s Day weekend. He credits his success to live with peritoneal mesothelioma to his determination to think outside the box and his love for running.

When asked about how running has benefited him as he fights mesothelioma, he responded, “I still believe that’s helped me as much as anything. What you get out of running is more than cardiovascular. It’s a whole mind/body connection. It helps build the immune system, and that’s key in fighting any disease. It’s not a cure, but it makes you stronger.”

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