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Let Florida Mesothelioma Compensation Attorneys Help You Get The Settlement You Deserve

There are many forms of cancer that occur, apparently due to nothing we can control. It may be heredity, or you may have been exposed unknowingly to a cancer causing agent. In any case, your doctor will pinpoint the cancer and treat it, hopefully, destroying all of the cancerous cells. mesothelioma, however, is a form of lung cancer with a real and identifiable cause: exposure to asbestos. If you live in Florida and are at risk of mesothelioma due your occupation or a setting in which you spend a great deal of time, you have legal options for recourse, thanks to the professional Florida Mesothelioma compensation attorney, found all over the state.
Let Florida Mesothelioma Compensation Attorneys Help You Get The Settlement You Deserve

Florida Mesothelioma Compensation Attorneys Help 

Falk & Falk, PA

The law offices of Falk & Falk provide specialized representation in the case of personal injury, hurricanes claims, and insurance claims. They also have lawyers who specialize in offering assistance to victims of mesothelioma. These are experienced professionals with experience in litigation who can help you secure the settlement which you are due. To learn more, you can visit them online at, or you can call them at 305-279-0999. The office is located at 9495 Sunset Drive, Suite B-285, Miami, Florida, 33173.

Levine & Glassman, PA

Whether you are seeking a wrongful death law suit on behalf of a loved one who has died of mesothelioma or you are a patient suing your employer for knowledgeable asbestos exposure, you will find that the specialty lawyers at Levine & Glassman can help. These are experienced trial lawyers who have worked with cases just like yours in the past. You can find this law firm online at, or you can call them at 954-332-6100. The law firm’s address is 2893 Executive Park Drive, Suite 203, Weston, Florida, 33331.

The Dorsey Law Firm

Once you have seen the doctor and found that the tumor in your lungs is not benign, you should have already obtained a lawyer. This is particularly true if you have worked in an industry that has caused you to be exposed to asbestos. The professionals available at the Dorsey Law Firm understand that asbestos exposure can lead to pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma, and they also understand that employers can take steps in offering you a safe work environment. This is why the Dorsey law Firm offers legal advice and trial litigation to ensure that you receive the settlement you so richly deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation, you can call 904-346-3883 or find them online at The firm is located at 211 North Liberty Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202.

Simon, Eisenburg, & Baum

Unnecessary lawsuits are filling our courts and our media today, making many people hesitant to go to court, even when it is realistic to sue. For example, mesothelioma patients usually contract the disease due to asbestos exposure, which is often a result of negligence on the part of the employer. The lawyers at Simon, Eisenburg, & Baum understand this and are prepare to fight on behalf of mesothelioma victims and their families. This firm can be found online at or you can call them at 561-955-1950. They are located at 123 Northwest 13th Street, Suite 312, Boca Raton, Florida, 33432.

Freidin & Dobrinsky

Freidin & Dobrinsky is a large law firm with three different locations in the state of Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Myers. Many of the attorneys here have enough experience and expertise that they train other trial lawyers to help them succeed. While they are touted as a personal injury law firm, they have a team of attorneys that specialize in mesothelioma cases. They can be reached at 866-495-8060 or you can find them online at

Wettermark, Holland, & Keith

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos, you have legal options to pursue compensation on your behalf or on the behalf of a loved one. Their attorneys boast a wide variety of specialties, including wrongful death and negligence that leads to mesothelioma. These professionals understand that not everyone who needs legal representation can actually afford it, and they work with their clients to help develop payment plans that will work with their budgets until their settlement is awarded. You can find this law firm at or you can call 877-715-9300. The offices can be found at 2325 Frankfort Avenue, Panama City, Florida, 32405.

Baron & Budd, PC

Unlike many of their competitors, Baron & Budd, PC specializes only in asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. Specialists in their field, Baron& Budd, as an organization, has an excellent track record in litigating on behalf of the patient and winning a settlement that will help pay medical bills and make up for lost work and wages. You canifnd this law firm at 2665 South Bayshore Drive, Suite 220, Miami, Florida, 33133.

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